With Copenhagen Fashion Week happening just this week I feel it is relevant to write about a recent fashion online initiative called MUUSE. It is a co-created, new and forward thinking business model within high level, couture fashion. MUUSE – describe themselves as “The independent fashion talent community”.


Launched in 2011 ready for fashion week it has since gained lots of attention from the fashion community and press worldwide – not only because of it’s talent pool but also because of the new and inventive business model.

A platform for connecting the best global independent fashion talent to people who love fashion, MUUSE produces pieces in limited editions, of uncompromising design, crafted by European tailors to the highest quality standards.

The main difference to the traditional fashion houses is that now there is not just one, but many designers gathered and there will never be just one haute couture collection for each fashion week or season, but instead a constant flow and updated range of the latest and upcoming talent from the best design schools all over the world. It might be based in Copenhagen, but MUUSE will represent graduate designers internationally from the top fashion design schools.

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Our mission at MUUSE is to bring the work of the most talented independent fashion designers to people who love design – without filtering by retailers or policing by trend forecasters. We show original pieces from the ateliers of designers profiled by the press, selected by tastemakers, and alumni from the top fashion design schools. We allow customers to influence design and to choose which pieces to have sewn – this is inspired style, without compromise.

Where other recent initiatives in fashion and online clothing store focus on the masses and allows “everyone” to be designers like threadless – MUUSE still believes in the role of the designer, but instead focuses on supporting the newly educated talent to allow them to get started in the industry by joining forces and sharing the launch platform.

Applicants will be reviewed by and advisory board to make sure that the level of design and quality is kept high with the declared focus on couture.

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MUUSE believes in slow fashion: made to-order, limited editions crafted in small studios. To ensure the best quality, MUUSE works with top tailors to translate designer visions into lasting, quality garments. All pieces are sewn in limited edition. This means pieces are not only uncompromising in their design, but high quality and unique garments – truly sustainable style.

The online community is also supported by a blog where new creations, inspiration and sketches are shared – follow on blog.muuse.com/

Muuse at Copenhagen fashion week

Just recently Muuse launched a collaboration with Italian Vogue – a talent competition where the readers of Vogue.it will be asked to join in on judging from the 10 most talented Muuse designers. The winner will have his/her collection put into production and be featured on Vogue.it in the Talents section and sold online on Muuse and Vogue.it.

It will be exciting to follow the future journey of MUUSE as this online fashion house of the future evolves!

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