Cover of the monograph about Mathieu Lehanneur

The German publisher Gestalten is about to publish a monograph about designer Mathieu Lehanneur’s career and inspirations. The book will focus on his intellectual and visual approach. The book gathers photos which inspired, sketches, photos of processes, objects in context and immerses the reader into the very heart of the designer’s studio.

Spread in the book about Mathieu Lehanneur

Over the years Mathieu Lehanneur has made a lot of interesting work from the fields of cognitive, mathematical and biological sciences to gain forms and functionalities in stark contrast to ‘classical’ design: an air purifier using plants; ergonomic medicine; a children’s workshop at the Centre Pompidou; an ideal bedroom for insomniacs or an executive office in the shape of a brain gym…

From the monograph about designer Mathieu Lehanneur

We have covered the work by Mathieu Lehanneur over the years. Here and here are two earlier articles.

A spread from the book about designer Mathieu Lehanneur



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