The Lempi glass by Matti Klenell for Iittala

“Lempi” is a new drinking glass designed by Matti Klenell for Iittala. It is designed for the modern kitchen which often has limited storage space. This stackable glass not only saves space but also looks great on an open shelf: the round shape invites you to take hold of it. Lempi glass works for every occasion, whether you pour in a refreshing drink of juice or a relaxing glass of red wine.

Two stacked Iittala glasses

The round form of the goblet accentuates the possibilities of the material; the thin upper rim of the blown bowl and the sturdier stem make it comfortable to hold and luxurious to drink from.

Stacked Iittala glasses by Matti Klenell

This is the first time I design a drinking glass. Great fun since I am something of a glass nerd that regularly scan local flea markets for interesting design. I am familiar with the material though and has worked with it a lot in a more artistic, craft oriented way but this was quite different and I took on the assignment with great humility, says Matti Klenell.

Glasses from Iittala in different colours

The stackability really adds something to the glass. It transforms from being just everyday to become almost sculptural. As many designers I have a tendency to stack or repeat elements in my work so I guess the concept comes as no surprise. My record is to stack twelve glasses, then I didn’t dare to go further and it is nothing I recommend. But just to stack two or three glasses improves storing a lot. I am actually surprised how well this works.

Sketch of glasses in different colours

Someone said that it is just as tricky to design a good drinking glass as it is to design a chair. After one year of drafting, sketching and testing I fully agree…

Glasses by Matti Klenell for Iittala

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