A dish from Stockholm restaurant Gastrologik

The founders of Gastrologik have a mission – to create  a good restaurant that is an interaction between the kitchen and service, the food and guests, the premises and the interior, between consciousness and unconsciousness and between logic and gastronomy. This is the philosophy of Jacob Holmström and Anton Bjuhr, two young but highly qualified chefs who stand responsible for the latest addition to Stockholms fine dining scene.

From the restaurant Gastrologik in Stockholm

At Gastrologik, we always try to be at the forefront. We do not want to confine ourselves with only a few suppliers or a predetermined menu. The supply, not the demand, determines our choice of commodities, and we only choose the best commodities for the time of season. Each guest is unique and so is every meal at Gastrologik. Logically, says Jacob Holmström who along with partner Anton Bjuhr is behind a brand new restaurant concept – a fine dining restaurant without a predetermined menu.

Desert from Stockholm based restaurant Gastrologik

For quite a few years we have methodically been searching for the best ingredients and the most committed producers. Gastrologik represents the future of gastronomy – a “new Nordic” kitchen with inspiration from all around the world with unique commodities that are processed in a logical way. Together with our innovative suppliers, we are creating the future of gastronomy. For us, this is logical. This is Gastrologik, says Anton Bjuhr.

Gastrolokik restaurant in Stockholm

Next door to the restaurant Gastrologik you’ll find Speceriet. This is where is where every day at Gastrologik starts, the stone oven turns on and sourdough are baked.

The key to a successful restaurant is the commodities and we want to, through Speceriet, convey them to those whom do not enjoy the food at the restaurant. We bring a piece of the restaurant to their home, says Jacob Holmström.

The ambitions are high and the long-term goals are set. With Gastrologik Jacob Holmström and Anton Bjuhr wants to make their mark!

Jacob Holmström and Anton Bjuhr from Gastrologik

The interior of Gastroligik is made by Malmö based architect and designer Jonas Lindvall. Two images from the dining room below.

Interior design by Jonas Lindvall at Gastrologik

Table and chairs at restaurant Gastrologik

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