EAT ME is is the latest publication from Vict:onary – a creative publishing house founded by Victor Cheung in 2001 in Hong Kong. It is a young creative multi-dimensional workshop born to create vibrant visual experience to inspire and ignite the sense of people, inside and outside of the industry. Vict:onary is know for their beautiful, detailed and creative book layouts about food, design, typography and graphics. They always takes great pride in the details and play around with the book binding.

They were also behind Design • Taste in 2009 – a now completely sold out book about Graphics + Interiors for Cafés, Bars and Restaurants from all over the world.  Read more about Eat Me and many of their other beautiful publications and projects on

Eat me book

From Vict:onary about Eat Me:

Eating is no longer a pure experience of smell and taste but rather an effective agency to communicate and engage, an indication of cultural values, lifestyle, artisanship, criticism, aspirations and imagination this present day.

While no single aspect of food and the associated can epitomise the new food culture, EAT ME takes out a slice of modern life where food has been taken as the medium to promote social interactions and ginger up our every day. In addition to the highly competitive realm of food packaging design, the book also features a symphony of recent art creations, social events, identity projects, restaurant designs, culinary implements and products inspired by food.

The substantial showcase is complemented by fascinating insights in their forewords and case studies given by experts, entrepreneurs and practitioners, each distinct with regards to their experience in product, packaging, image-making, branding and spatial design.

Appetite for design

Eat me - appetite for design

Book called Eat Me, appetite for design

Book about design and food

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