A new online platform has seen the light of day – recently Jonathan Harris launched “Cowbird” a new storytelling site . The intention is to create a community of storytellers, sharing heartfelt, personal stories. You might ask if the world needs another website for uploading images to share with the world… can’t we just use Facebook or Twitter?

However this feel different… Already covering the occupy movement as a saga and planning to add more as major events occur this could eventually become an alternative to the regular news. And these are the big events worldwide… on top of this comes the many heartfelt and very personal stories told by people from all over the world.

“Cowbird is a small community of storytellers, focused on a deeper, longer-lasting, more personal kind of storytelling than you’re likely to find anywhere else on the Web.”


“Our short-term goal is to pioneer a new form of participatory journalism, grounded in the simple human stories behind major news events. Our long-term goal is to build a public library of human experience, so the knowledge and wisdom we accumulate as individuals may live on as part of the the commons, available for this and future generations to look to for guidance.”

You can use Cowbird to keep a diary of your life, and to help document the major “sagas” taking place in the world. It is still early days and right now the cowbird community counts about 500 storytellers worldwide and you have to request an invitation to join.

So far I am really enjoying the experience and the many, many touching stories that people share…

You can request an invitation here cowbird.com/request-invite