Just last week Bang & Olufsen released a completely new sub-brand – B&O Play. It was presented to the world press at the new Bella Sky hotel in Copenhagen. The first product, the Beolit 12 Airplay Sound System, is designed by Danish designer, Cecilie Manz.

B&O Play

The Beolit 12 is kept true to the design values of Bang & Olufsen, but at the same time has Cecilie Manz has given this sounds system a completely new look both in term of the design, but also in terms of the materials. It is made mainly from aluminium and full grain leather.

Cecilie Manz is known for her very clean, minimalistic design with an eye for details. The Beolit 12 is no different and combined with the latest technologies from Apple it is a very exciting product that to me is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise slightly uniform collection of designs.

Human touch to technology

B&O is launching the new brand B&O play

Up until now I haven’t been as dedicated a fan of Bang & Olufsen like many others. I have always found many of their product to be to masculine, not to mention to expensive. Another aspect is the price range but this has also changed. This product is priced on the same level as its future competitors i.e. the Libratone. There is also an entirely new identity and brand site created for B&O Play.

Now… I am excited to see what the future holds for B&O Play with coming products and new collaborations!

Design Cecilie Manz for B&O