Marble sculpture by English artist Daniel Silver at Acne shop

Swedish architect Andreas Fornell from BozarthFornell has designed the new Studio in Paris for fashion house and creative collective  Acne. The studio is situated in a former metal shop built as a garage in the old Marais area of Paris.

Acne studio in Paris by BozarthFornell

ACNE’s second Parisian Store at 3 Rue Froissart combines raw industrial rough industrial walls of this former garage form the backdrop to a new, clean and contemporary space. Natural coloured carpets contrast rough concrete walls.

Interior of Acne studio in Paris by Andreas Fornell

The space doesn´t have any windows except a huge skylight, which provides the space with some natural light a couple of hours a day. To increase the presence of the mighty skylight a gold-yellow glass sheet is rising from floor up in the ceiling gap, than a substantial numbers of fluorescents give an almost biblical flood of light thru the glass.

The interior of Acne studio in Paris

The initial rough and untreated walls where kept un-touched, the ceiling was just painted with a dark blood-red color directly on the rough surface and lined with super bright LED-strips. To create a luxury and soft feeling the entire floor was covered with a hand-toufted wool carpet in a natural beige color. The big space was divided with set-like partitions covered in untreated aluminum panels to remind about the heritage of the space. Shoppers are greeted by a gold-yellow glass wall with a sliding door which colors the great marble sculpture plain gold and creates an modern but at the same time historical vibe.

 Rough industrial walls of a former garage

Since I have been working with Jonny Johansson and Acne for more than 6 years now, it was a real challenge to start the process of creating a new shop concept for them, based on something totally different. At the same time the core of this concept is something that´s really close to my heart….. Me and Jonny are working super tight together with the concept and I believe that´s the “key” to success for this store, which combines values of pure architecture element with an high artistic presence, says Andreas Fornell.

Metal walls in Acne Studio by Andreas Fornell

Andreas Fornell is a Swedish architect and furniture designer who´s been active since 1999 in a number of different constellations, working within a broad spectra of architecture and design. Andreas used to hold the position as directing architect for Swedish fashion house Acne for five years, where he was creative and execution responsible for all Acne Stores world wide. Since opening his own studio “BozarthFornell” in Stockholm 2010, he´s been working with private houses, retail stores, restaurants and interiors in Sweden, France, US and Italy. Last year Andreas designed the new flag ship store for Italian fashion brand Moschino on Fabourg Rue St Honoré.

Architect Andres Fornell from Sweden

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