the village plaza at the skiresort

Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, founder of BIG, has been announced winner of the competition for a 47.000 m2 ski resort and recreational area in Levi, Finland. It will transform the existing Levi ski resort into a world class destination, offering top quality accommodation and leisure services for skiers of all levels and demands.

The skiresort from distance

The Koutalaki Ski Village is conceived as an extension of both the summit and the resort. Grown from the natural topography rather than dropped from the sky – the ar–chitecture extends the organic forms of natural landscape creating an inhabitable as well as skiable manmade mountain. As a result, our design for the Koutalaki Ski Village creates a new hybrid integrating distinct identities such as village and resort, shelter and openness, cozy intimacy and natural maj–esty, unique character and careful continuity – or simply – architecture and landscape – Bjarke Ingels, Founder & Partner, BIG.

Apartment by Bjarke Ingels

The four buildings arc around a central square to create a new bustling village plaza at the heart of the resort, which is sheltered from the wind yet open and inviting to the surrounding landscape. The plaza allows ice skating and music events and is connected to a bowl like yard with cafés and bars created by the lower interior heights of the new buildings. The intimate atmosphere of the spaces created here contrasts the open views from the summit.

Hotel bar by Bjarke Ingels in Levi, Finland

While the four buildings simulate real ski slopes during winter time, combining the essence of a ski resort – skiing, relaxation, rec–reation and dwelling, the roofscape of the buildings during summer will be just as attractive serving as a green continuum of the surrounding natural landscape for hiking and picnics.

Street in the Levi ski resort by BIG

Resort in Levi, Finland by Bjarke Ingels from BIG

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