Eyewear by Mykita and Moncler

MYKITA & Moncler both stand for innovative and unique products of the highest quality, coupled with traditionalist brand philosophies. These shared values inspired the two companies to join forces in a project which aims to explore new and untapped territories in the eyewear market. In July 1954 Lino Lacedelli and Achille Compagnoni became the first men to conquer the second highest mountain in the world (K2). Equipped with oxygen, climbing spikes, mountaineer goggles and specially made down jackets by Moncler, the Italians reached the summit.

Eywear by Mykita and Moncler

Harking back to the origins of the former outfitter of Alpine expeditions, the collaboration resulted in two models whose material selection and design both take into account what were already key factors among mountaineers back then: modern 21st century sports goggles have to be light, durable and adjustable.

Eywear inspired by the look of 1950s Alpine goggles

A homage to the mountain and its conquerors was created in the form of the two models, LINO and ACHILLE, which are suitable both for downhill runs and also as classic sunglasses for everyday use – they are sporty as well as the perfect everyday accessory. The frames are inspired by the look of 1950s Alpine goggles, which featured round lenses in metal rims with leather side pieces for ultimate protection against the light. ACHILLE, with its straight top line and broad frame is the more avant-garde model of the pair, a retro-futuristic new look. LINO’s sweeping top line and slim frame make this model a modern counterpart to the glacier snow glasses of yesteryear.