City 2.0 winner of the TED Prize 2011

The TED Prize  is awarded annually to an exceptional individual which receive $100,000. However, for the first time the prize is being awarded to an idea – City 2.0 – the kind of important idea our planet’s future depends on. It’s a challenge for everyone in the TED Community to be part of radical collaboration on one of the most pressing issues of our world: how to build sustainable and humanistic cities. It’s about everything from reducing energy use and protect the environment, to improve the quality of life for the many people.

TED is reaching out a hand asking creative people all over the world to help out to create innovation, education, culture, and economic opportunity. It will start off on February 29, 2012 for the TED Conference in Long Beach, California when the City 2.0 – makes its wish live from the stage.

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