We have been travelling quite extensively lately and have just touched base again. Hence a bit slow on updates lately. We have been invited to do keynote presentations, been part of visitor programs, jury and curator work, moderating and chairman assignments, facilitator of workshops and also some events of our own. These activities during the last two months took us to places like Montreaux, San Francisco, Vienna, Barcelona, Oslo, Mexico City, Copenhagen, Eindhoven, Stockholm and Røros.  We have met new friends and seen some pretty nice hotels, restaurants, markets, museums and more. Some of them will be presented separately here at David Report. To start, here’s a bunch of assorted snapshots from the different trips. Check out our Flickr page in a few days where we will update with more images.

Herzog de Meuron building in San Francisco

Facade of the de Young museum in San Francisco by Herzog de Meuren.

Sign in the window of a hair dresser

A sign in the window of a hairdresser saloon, San Francisco.

Wall painting in San Francisco

Wall painting in San Francisco.

A man in a Mexico City market

At a market in Mexico city.

A Beetle cab in Mexico City

A beetle cab in Mexico City.

Pinata at a market in Mexico City

Pinatas at a market in Mexico City.

Old loudspeakers

Some battered loudspeakers in Mexico City.

A truck on the street

A garbage truck in Mexico city.

A green backyard in Barcelona

A green backyard in Barcelona.

Unesco world heritage city Røros

A narrow path in the Unesco world heritage city of Røros.

Montreux view over the mountains

A view from the balcony in Montreaux.

Voting wall at Design Academy Eindhoven

The voting wall at Design Academy Eindhoven.

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