Sofa made of old wood from the street

Street design which is as free as it is generous, free then like free software, as if the pieces of vernacular design rejected in the street were a huge domain of formal code to manipulate, break, reconfigure and from it generate new forms. The Meuble Libre exhibition at the Naço Galerie in Paris will present works designed in this framework by Jeremy Edwards.

Street design made of old stools

Meuble libre is about furniture being produced from other furniture abandoned in the street, used as it is. The form and nature of the objects immediately and spontaneously created on site are determined by the materials available at the time, the place where I found them and the rough tools available. Once the objects have been created, they are left free, on-the-spot, accessible to everyone, says Jeremy Edwards.

A bench made of old scrap wood

We would love to see more findings in backyards and street corners be catalysts for spontaneous urban design.

A chair made of old scrap wood

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