The flatpack EzyStove in use

In many parts of Africa people are spending hours to find wood for the day. Trees are important providers of food, shelter, housing, medicine, and energy. 74% of the rural households and 40% of the urban households rely on wood as fuel for cooking. The cutting ofa trees has reached alarming situations of deforestation resulting in widespread desertification. Wood for open fire cooking is as well polluting the atmosphere, and creates dangerous soot and gases during cooking in the huts.

EzyStove, designed by Swedish design firm Ergonomidesign is made as a solution to these problem. Their mission was to find a simple yet effective solution to improve health conditions, time consumption and the environment. EzyStove requires two thirds less wood and the CO2 emission are down by 60-80%, compared with a traditional fire.

Ezystove for developing countries

The centralized production and the local mounting create work opportunities and involvement unusual of in traditional aid programs. The manufacturing encourages local entrepreneurship. The simple construction allows the local entrepreneur to assemble the stove with very basic tools. They can also make a living by selling it to a price that is affordable to even the poorest households.

Drawing of the flatpack EzyStove

Ezystove comes flatpack. It comes from the factory as fivemetal sheets, and some bent steel rods and rivets. More or less any small local workshop can put it together without to much problem.

EzyStove in a African village