House reconstructed by Studio Job

Studio Job has purchased and reconstructucted a villa by one of Gerrit Rietveld’s pupils, the architect D.L. Sterenberg. Sterenberg, strongly influenced by his master, designed this characteristic modernist villa with a flat roof, a highly functional and cost-efficient design. The villa is located in the quite village of Bergeyk, near Eindhoven.

Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel inside the Studio Job house

For years Studio Job has been collecting knowledge and artefacts from the reconstruction period, when functionality and industrialism were still genuine. Today, Studio Job Gallery has a rare museum-quality design collection focusing on Dutch (and some Belgian) design from the 1950s and 60s. It includes such designers as Gerrit and Wim Rietveld, Friso Kramer, Martin Visser and Cees Braakman. Now that Studio Job has purchased the villa in Bergeyk, we finally have a context in which to display this collection.

The house Studio Jobs behind trees

Studio Job House will be an open house, a fresh platform for art and design, a House-museum where visitors can discover their fascinations, artistic creations and designs in an personal context.

Interior of the Studio Job house in Bergeyk

As you can imagine, the house was in need of thorough renovation, and for the past ten months, alongside all our other projects, Studio Job has been in the construction business. We have aimed to maintain the character and authentic design of the property and to restore it to its original glory according to today’s standards. We are supporters of reusing and recycling rather than demolishing, for not only ecological but also cultural reasons, says Job Smeets.

Doors in the Studio Job house


Photo credit: Marten Aukes, Ronald Stoops and Thijs Wolzak.

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