Walk through the layers of time by Jaeuk Jung

Blickfang international design fair took place the last weekend in Vienna, Austria. David Carlson from David Report was invited as one of the curators for Blickfang Selected; four young upcoming designers chosen by a jury. David Carlson hand-picked Jaeuk Jung to show his project Walk through the layers of time: AMBER.

Instruction for the exhibition

Jaeuk Jung is born in Seoul, Korea in 1979 and holds a recent MFA in Experience Design from Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. He keeps his mind open by traveling and observing the world over, connecting concept and service design with trend analysis. He works for international consultancies in Stockholm, Paris, and Seoul, and explores time as an aspect of design and experience.

Jaeuk Jung selected by David Carlson

What really made me choose Jaeuk Jung for blickfangselected was his latest project called WALK through the layers of time. An urban reality project exploring the different expressions of a city. A narrative that delivers a sensory experince which constitutes multiple interactions between past and present, memory and reality. The physical outcome of the project is multidisciplinary orientated with a connection between the real and digital world. Objects with embedded memories are encapsulated in amber – telling us the local daily stories. Barcodes offer the audience to enhance the experience by watching, listen and explore the layers of time.

Below are some further pictures from the Blickfang international design fair. Next in line are Blickfang fairs in Stuttgart, Basel and Zürich.

Fashion at the Blickfang design fair

The next big thing is a lot of small things

The Blickfang lounge

Blickfang interior