Arts and Crafts by David Taylor

When working with Arts and Crafts the risk of failure is always close to new discoveries, new beauty. In the upcoming exhibition Walk The Walk at Konsthantverkarna in Stockholm, David Taylor presents his cohesive work that has been developed by the spontaneous practical work, the impulse at the workbench. To follow a whim or an unexpected material, to work without the fuss with too many thoughts will provide a direct link to the knowledge of intuition, a “gut-feeling” which is often wiser than we realize.

Object in concrete by David Taylor

Walk the Walk is a tightly woven family of objects where the expression of David Taylor has been broadened with materials and techniques that have so far been rare in his works. Concrete meets the silver, the precise and timeless encounter packaging specs temporary feeling. But belief in pursuit, the raw and the fun of meeting materials, leaves no doubt that the author can not just “Talk the Talk” but also “Walk the Walk”.

Three plates by David Taylor

two candlesticks by David Taylor