Unico wine cellars by Fernando Salas

The alteration project by interior designer Fernando Salas for the wine cellars of the wine “Unico”, by Vega-Sicilia in Valbuena de Duero (Valladolid), mainly consisted of renovating the space parting from a new conditioning system, lighting and services, and improving communication between different floors (staircases and freight lift).

Interior design for Vega Sicilia

The project required maximum rigor, leaving little space for improvisation or casualty. Every material used in the process should previously be analyzed to ensure they met the pertinent bacteriological requirements, to achieve an optimum conservation and quality of the wine.

Work by interior designer Fernando Salas for Unico

In its essence, the alteration project was begging for a reduction and simplicity in the variety of materials; the main protagonist of the project were the wine barrels, so the concept of the project must have been based on resolving certain technical requirements and new systems, dignifying the architectural finish and achieving a globally harmonic space, functional and elegantly sober for the sanctuary of one of the “unique”, excusing the repetition, best wines in the world.

Entrance to the wine cellar of the Unico wine

The stairs to the Unico wine cellar

Photos by Rafael Vargas.


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