The back streets of Roppongi hide a culinary gem, crowned by three Michelin stars and named after Hiroyuki Kanda, its founder and owner.


The interior is as minimal as the seats at the bar, where all guests get a chance to stare at the genius at work. Luxury materializes with the charming waiter and the possibility to suit the menu to your taste, as answer to the request on your preferences.


The first bite of all ten dishes in the sample menu is pure delight for the taste buds. No trace of elaborated seasonings or complex methodology. Just raw perfection, when fresh is cooked just right.


Kanda steps back from molecular gastronomy and into lean creations. Perfect introduction to what Japanese traditions are all about. Shintoist simplicity, extreme quality and no fuss.

3-6-34 Motoazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

This is a post by David Report contributor Claudia Muniz Garcia.

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