Ad for Toronto tap water

Next time you’re out for dinner, smile and say, “T.eau, please.” That’s the goal of Toronto-based social change agency Manifest Communications, which has launched its own campaign to brand and promote Toronto’s tap water as T.eau.

The name T.eau was coined as a tongue-in-cheek way of nodding to the cool factor of bottled water. T.eau’s slogan “Get Tappy,” invites people to make a water choice that’s nothing but positive.

Never pay for water

“Toronto’s tap water is award-winning and rigorously tested,” say Manifest President Mark Sarner. “But people still buy bottled when there’s an environmentally-friendly alternative available literally everywhere.”

Hot and cold just like our Hockey team

“Our water is taken for granted,” says Sarner. “T.eau is a way of reminding people that it’s everywhere, it’s ours, it’s great—it really is something special. So let’s celebrate it.”

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