Sculpture in Pilane

Contemporary art in an old cultural landscape – Sculpture in Pilane on Tjörn is a great experience for everyone, young and old alike. Pilane is one of the most beautifully located historic sites in Sweden with about 90 judgment circles, standing stones and stone circles dating from the Iron Age.

Contemporary art in cultural landscape

The ancient remains are surrounded by a landscape that traces back to the Stone Age. In Pilane sheep graze freely as they have done for thousands of years and from mountain tops, you have a great view of the sea and the beautiful archipelago north of Göteborg.

Art by Eva Rothschild in Pilane

Sculpture in Pilane is an annual exhibition of contemporary sculpture by some of the world’s top artists. Participating artists are 2011 Erwin Wurm (Austria), Eva Rothschild (Ireland), Tony Cragg (UK), Keith Edmier (USA), Lori Hersberger (Switzerland) and from Sweden: Klara Krista Promise, Eric Langert, Kent Karlsson, Nils Ramhöj, Peter Tillbergand Leo Pettersson.

A white rabbit sculpture in Pilane

In part two of the exhibition you will find some of last year’s highlights of the British sculptor Laura Ford. There you can also visit a farm cafe with homemade specialties anda gallery of small-scale works by the participating artists.

Sculpture in ancient landscape

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