Quilted Denim long jacket with asymmetrical reinforced vintage work denim detail

Serum Versus Venom (SVSV) was created in 2003 as a long-term study into the collision of craft and utility, focused on creating a new luxury.

Fashion from Serum versus Venom

Serum Versus Venom continues its pursuit of Futurecraft© by aggressively colliding vintage military fabrics and workers’ garb with modern, functional designs.

New collection from clothing brand Serumvsvenom

The utilized vintage fabrics span 90 years of global military history. All fabrics are individually selected and closely inspected for quality.

Modern, functional designs from Serum Versus Venom

“We are not looking to re-use the old fabrics for the sake of nostalgia. Rather, we are simply looking for the best fabrics on earth. These vintage fabrics were built to last and the quality is unrivaled.” – says David Gensler of Serum Versus Venom.

Vintage fashion from Serum vs Venom

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