Loch Ness, non site exhibition by Gerard Byrne at Galerie Nordenhake

Loch Ness, non-site is an investigation by Gerard Byrne into the role of photography today and its undermined credibility as a form of evidence in the digital era.

Gerard Byrne is best known for using film, photography and installation to explore indicative moments in our recent history. In his films the casts re-enact conversations originally published in popular magazines from the 1960s to the 1980s while his installations often include photographic images of subjects that both suggest and resist historical placement. His work takes as its subject the representations of time we construct at given cultural moments, and the historical accumulation of those representations.

The exhibition presents works drawn from 10 years of visits and research at Loch Ness. A book on Byrne’s Loch Ness project will be published later this year with Milton Keynes Gallery, UK.

The Loch Ness, non-site exhibition takes place at Galerie Nordenhake in Stockholm from 26th August – 2nd October, 2011

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