Agios Pavlos hotel at Crete in Greece

I have a dilemma, as widely common as it is ancient. What do one do when you have something amazing to tell but are confronted with two opposite possibilities – to tell everyone about the fantastic restaurant/shop/remote village in Italy/ or what have you, and risk it losing its allure as the word is spread – or keep mum as to save it for oneself and hope that no one else will ever know? Well, at least I hope this is a question that haunts not just me but also other, possibly better people than me. But as this is a blog I suppose it won’t be much of a blog post if I don’t spill the beans.

the beach at agios pavlos at crete

In the remote and awe-inspiringly beautiful south of Crete, where grazing goats wander about in mountains that slope down into the turquoise Libyan sea there is a place so small it’s hardly a place at all. It does however have a name, and perhaps that is what makes it a place. Agios Pavlos it is called and once you’re there you might be tempted to believe you’re not in Crete, or even in Greece or Europe at all but a paradisal parallel universe where all is good and heavenly.

Agios Pavlos restaurant in Greece

Three weeks ago I had the great fortune to be there, sitting in a lounge chair on the patio with a panoramic view of the Libyan sea and the bay with its silhouette of a sleeping dragon. Sitting there, freshly made orange juice in one hand a good book in the other, waiting for the hottest hours of the day to be over and then walk down the stone staircase to the pebble beach, snorkel and hopefully spot another octopus, life seemed pretty sweet. Almost unbearably so, if that’s possible. You know when you can’t quite believe your own luck. Or even your own eyes as the view is simply to stunning to seem real. Especially if you’re from Sweden and not quite used to how very bright sunshine seems to both bring out and fade colors.

From a travel to Crete island in Greece

The beauty of Agios Pavlos, besides the obvious, is it’s remoteness. There’s almost nothing there and it’s absolute bliss. The guests are quiet, the compulsory reggae tunes as well. There isn’t really much else to do but read, sip on something nice and cold (when I was there it was too hot to eat – unless homemade sorbet counts), walk down the stairs to the small beach and repeatedly go for a swim. The water so clear and such an amazing color of azure blue, green and turquoise you pinch yourself over and over again to make sure this isn’t just a beautiful dream. Should you however, unlike me, grow bored with this kind of leisure you may attend yoga classes or go hiking in the mountains, but that is about it. But on the other hand, what else does one need besides a view, a hammock and a cute dog while on vacation?

A view from the Agios Pavlos hotel on Crete

If you want to escape reality a while rooms at Hotel Agios Pavlos are very reasonably priced but should they be fully booked there are a couple of other alternatives in the surroundings as well. Don’t forget your books, your snorkeling equipment and sun block.

This is a post by new David Report contributor Kim Borgström.