One of the winners of the water is life poster competition

In honor of the upcoming World Water Week August 21-27, when environmental leaders from across the globe will convene in Stockholm – Duravit has sponsored the Water is Life poster competition that calls students and young artists to action through artistic interpretation.

Poster from the water is life competition

The posters are now part of a traveling exhibition currently stopped at Duravit’s headquarters in the Black Forest of Germany, where it will remain until September 10th.

Poster from the competition called Water is Life

The competition’s results surpassed all expectations: more than 5,000 artists from 83 countries adopted their own creative approaches, using a wide variety of different motifs to present their take on the message “Water is Life”. Winning works will travel around the world throughout 2011.

Poster form the Water is life competition

Posters (€ 59.00 plus VAT, postage and shipping) and Postcard sets of 15 (€ 10 plus VAT) may be ordered through the German Central Sanitary, Heating and Air-conditioning Association (ZVSHK) by contacting Mrs. Anne Schumacher via phone (+49 22 41 92 99) or via email at

Below is the winning poster in the Water is life competition.

The winning poster form the water is life competition