Project one by Yohan Forbes is a visual journey through London, an exploration in our use of urban space, landscape and architecture. The skateboarder’s reappropraition of the city transforms it into a playground where its usual constraints are far from him. The film shows and uncovers London’s hidden spots, from Thames Barrier to East India Dock, Canary Wharf, through to the Barbican, St Pauls and Southbank, Project One depicts a unique beauty of London.
A skateboard film by Yohan Forbes

I wanted to make a film where the audience get the chance to see and explore different parts of London, ‘Project One’ has themes of architecture, landscape, exploration with the skateboard a vehicle for movement and interaction. Making the film involved travelling to skate spots, parks, roads, monuments and hidden alleys, says Yohan Forbes.

From the Project One film by Yohan Forbes

I took photography, media and film classes, days were spent at college editing on 16mm Steenbeck machines, finding loose bits of reels and collecting old bits of film. I ended up getting a role as a boom operator in a low budget gangster feature, there I got to see what happened on set, how the camera, lighting and sound departments operated. I continued to work on shorts, features, live events, documentaries and corporates. Gaining knowledge and a professional insight into the industry enabled me to make ‘Project One’ and my next upcoming short‘ I, Everyday’ With future projects I hope to continue to build on my filmmaking as an art form.

from the film project one by yohan forbes

At the production stage I spent a lot of time at the location capturing landscapes across the city of London. Tim and co producer Tristan Tutak would arrive at the location and we would have a run through of tricks he would perform, leaving me to work out how to make the scene flow and keep the visual narrative going. It was a very organic and creative way of working with the talent and crew.

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