Design by Michael Young

In 2004 Michael Young settled in Hong Kong in order to develop industrial design projects in China. Over the course of time, this process exposed him to enumerate fascinating technologies in factories he felt he could not exploit fully for industrial production. The result of these experiences has led to the creation of an exhibition exploring such possibilities called ‘works in China’.

A one-off by Michael Young
The first concept was developed in a glass factory in Shanghai for a brand looking to explore in which direction new Chi- nese contemporary culture would move towards, as historical icons of the country were becoming less important to new generations of consumers. Looking at local architectural constructions long forgotten, Young combined the structures with specially developed software to create a process that could translate a language across a broad range of materials. The first collection was displayed in Hong Kong at The Space in June 2011.

Design art by Michael Young

This is my first show in 10 years. I started out making one offs in London as it was all that one could make back then, but it was a passion. After years of mass production it’s refreshing to go back to my roots and play a little – Michael Young

Red object for the wall by Michael Young

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