The sandbox

DesignLab presents the prospective prototypes of researchers (EnsadLab) and fifth year students of ENSAD (l’École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs) created in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab – High Low Tech Department.
Some of the objects presented here came from the “Hybrid Materials” and “Intelligent/ElectronicPrintmaking” workshops (2010-2011) in collaboration with three MIT engineers: Leah Buechley, Dana Gordon and Jean-Baptiste Labrune.

From the expo by designlab

The other projects were developed within theframework of two EnsadLab programs: DCIP (Design, Conception, Innovation et Prospective)lead by Patrick Renaud and Elisabeth de Senneville, and MEDTEV (Matériaux à EffetsDynamique, Toucher et Effets Visuels) lead by Vonnik Hertig and Christian Stenz.

Designlab show

The “Hybrid Materials” workshop explored different ways to make inert materials “living” by imagining a new definition of “material”. The “Intelligent/Electronic Printmaking” workshopreinvented silk-screening techniques for paper and textiles with the purpose of conceiving newinterfaces while integrating electronic elements and captors to create large dynamic surfaces.