Six scents Parfume by Azuma

Six Scents is a highly unique project, where periodically six carefully selected fashion designers/artists are paired with a renowned Givaudan perfumer for each Series to create a unique scent based on the explorative theme of memory. Six Scents sets itself apart as they strive to highlight collaborative efforts of its participants in the truest sense, having each duo work closely together from beginning to end. The result truly extends beyond a fragrance to an artistic project, delivered in the form of six fragrances, six stories, six films, six art pieces and six photographic works. Designers in the past and present series have included Rad Hourani, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Damir Doma, Junn J, House of Holland, Ohne Titel.

The darkness of the night gives way to the clarity of day

This week, Six Scents presents “Longing for Contact”, a six-part digital collage series rendered by the highly respected ‘haute couture florist’ Azuma Makato. Azuma, who has previously worked with designers from Issey Miyake to Martin Margiela has been published in the New York Times and Vogue Nippon and celebrate for his experimentation with the Japanese craft of ikebana and spatial relations. “Longing for Contact” is inspired by Azuma’s original contribution to Six Scents: Series Two, initiated to narrate the designer mandated fragrance concept for each scent.

One of the six scents parfume by Azuma

Each number in Series Two thematically tells a transcendental journey of time passing, and investigates the desire to preserve the raw beauty of a beloved environment; real or imagined. Each fashion designer envisions a story from their imagination; which is then realized in tandem with a Givaudan perfumer. The end products are individually rendered into visual narration by Azuma Makato who uses select elements of nature that reveal his personal fascination with the craft of ikebana and its experimentation with spatial relations.

Azuma had once quoted, “Flowers are very ephemeral, and as a kid, I was always fond of fleeting things. I liked how the shape would not remain the same over time”.