Two plays on assemblage, Bonsai Equilibrium by Beatrix Li-Chin Loos and Peculiar Attachments produced by D. Lab, are proposed by Galerie Gosserez with simple, efficient and elegant colours and shapes. On show from Friday 17th June at 3 rue Debelleyme Paris.

three peices by D. Lab
Colour as raw material with alphabetical form, Peculiar Attachment produced by D. Lab, Chung Sui Fai asserts an approach to the assemblage game which positions it in directly in the footsteps of visual designers from Memphis to Pierre Charpin, Eric Jourdan or today’s Dito. Deceptively simple, terribly “eye-catching” as our Anglo Saxon friends would say. Very elegant of course with its Haiku style. D. Lab is both an incubation centre and a brand based in Singapore, just like if VIA launched into production here. Judging by the results, a label to keep an eye on for a fresh approach to this discipline!

plays on assemblage

Beatrix Li-Chin Loos creates a new collection exclusively for Galerie Gosserez. The Bonsai Equilibrium vase-sculpture is a harmonious, gracious and poetic soliflore vase, with the appearance of a little Bonsai. Completely produced from scraps, it is composed of 4 circular pieces which turn freely around a glass tube. The challenge was to find equilibrium in several positions whilst keeping an aesthetic shape. Each vase has its own bespoke packaging, a fully-fledged design ‘object’…

design by Beatrix Li-Chin Loos

The Bonsai Equilibrium vase-sculpture

harmonious, gracious and poetic soliflore vase

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