An example of the tribal design from Rwanda

Gaia Repossi and Anouck Lepère undertake, with the association Kageno, to help the Children of Rwanda. Using bracelets, cuffs and armbands in braided rope, fashioned by villagers in Rwanda, they will then be reworked by adding fine chains of gold and silver, and precious little rings.

Pieces from the Colette exhibiton

Anouck Lepère is the muse for this tribal and ethical collection, offered in limited edition, whose profits will be donated to benefit Kageno association, which in Kenyan means “A Place of Hope”.

products from rwanda

Photographs of this project by Dana Lixenberg will be exhibited at Colette, 213 Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris, from June 20 to July 30.

Examples of tribal design from Rwanda