Sam Spenser has produced a limited edition of 5 groundbreaking circular drawings in collaboration with specialist framers: John Jones of London. John Jones fabricated exquisite adjustable frames allowing one to move and manipulate the glowing moiré pattern within. The circular piece can be locked in one of five states of moiré using an elegant steel and velvet anchor system.

One of the circular drawings by Sam Spenser

I am working with phosphorescent technology in search of a magic, meditative, hypnotic and spiritual experience. The light drawings play with optical illusion and a sense of depth outside of the traditions of perspective drawing and photography. It is my intent to sharpen, engineer and refine the natural material whilst ensuring a contemplative and tranquil piece, says Sam Spenser.

Five Luna circular drawings in a row

Luna is the first of Spenser’s limited edition luminous, phosphor drawings. The large 1.2 meter image is silk-screened in organic, living, phosphor crystals which are illuminated by a low voltage electrical current. It is a biological reaction much like that of glowing, marine-life in our deepest oceans: a natural but otherworldly light. The luminous phosphor drawings are a process Spenser continues to pioneer since the significant commissioning of Light Triptych for Canary Wharf earlier this year.

Luna is currently on view at Rabih Hage gallery in London for walk-ins and by appointment.