The hand-made canoe pack from the back

Tenue de Nîmes have teamed up with Paolo Bellini, a Dutch vintage aficionado and founder of CS Bell. Bellini has created a very exclusive series of hand-made canoe packs for the Dutch denim store. The bags, produced in Amsterdam, are made of thick canvas and leather. The design of the large backpack is based on traditional canoe packs from North America.

The exclusive canoe-pack on the back of a user.

The heavy, army-green canvas has been treated with a precise mixture of wax and parafine to resist bad weather and water in particular. The shoulder straps are made of bridle leather straps, each four millimeters thick, that have been riveted on the pack by hand. Each bag is stamped ‘CS Bell’ on the inside.  A ‘canal green’ and beige Tenue de Nîmes expedition patch is found between the shoulder straps referring to the traditional Amsterdam-green color, often used to paint the bridges over the canals in the city centre. The packs are water-repellent and the spacious compartment makes it a great pack for everyday use.


The maker of the CS Bell packs is Paolo Bellini himself, as he was traditionally educated in the craft of leather and fur manufacturing. Being a devoted camper and having extensive knowledge of army and outdoor clothing, he decided make his own packs that would withstand the challenges of both the North Pole and the urban jungle. Backpacks made for a lifetime instead of a single season.

An open canoe pack

The CS Bell X Tenue de Nimes Canoe Pack is exclusively sold at Red Wing Shoes Amsterdam.