A fold from the trend report Closed Wallets Closed Minds

Two weeks ago we released our latest trend report called “Closed Wallets Closed Minds”. The report describes the new climate of anti-consumerism and asks the question if the consumption fatigue is genuine or if we are only on a pause between mad bouts of bag-filling.

Two pages from the trend report Closed Wallets Closed Minds

–Brands must either get used to the idea of a world in which we buy less, which will at least test theories that endless economic growth is a social necessity, or they need to speak to consumers with new resonance, says David Carlson, founder of David Report.

The ruling technological perspective should be set

If you have not yet been able to read the trend report, please follow this link, it’s a free read for each and everyone. You can read the report as a digital magazine, pdf or plain text version.

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