Beckmans college of design in Stockholm is starting beckmans akademi, a series of classes and workshops for people already working in the different fields of design.

Here’s some of the teachers involved in beckmans akademi, with some inspirational images attached to each and every one.

beckmans akademi with Lotta Agataon

Interior stylist Lotta Agaton

Martin Bergström patterna

Patterns by Martin Bergström

Per Engsheden for beckmans akademi

Creation of a collection by Pär Engsheden

Bea Sxenfeld workshop for beckmans akademi

Papyromania by Bea Szenfeld

graphic design by Elisabeth Björkbom

Working process by Elisabeth Björkbom

Nille Svensson putting up things on the wall

Design karaoke by Nille Svensson

And many more!

Can we help to shape the course dynamism make people feel greater confidence, open their eyes to something not previously experienced and regain faith in the surprise meeting, we are well advanced, says Tom Hedquist principal of Beckmans.

beckmans akademi