Underwear made of organic cotton

The White Briefs and Fantastic Man have just released a new collection of delicious mesh underwear. The cut of the garments is exacting. The pieces don’t restrict, but handsomely follow the line of the body. The briefs look amazing – possessing a higher waistband for a boxy, masculine appeal. A double layer of mesh in the crotch keeps gents modest. The vest makes a natural shape across the torso and is cut to curve comfortably below the armpit, revealing just enough chest. The T-shirt sleeve length is designed to flatteringly sit halfway down the bicep, the neckline cut high for a commanding shape.

The white underwear is nice towards your skin.

It feels deliciously light. Since you are literally wearing half of the amount of fabric you would normally wear, it’s almost like being naked, says Jop van Bennekom of Fantastc Man.

Underwear by Fantastic man made of just half the amount of cotton.

The briefs, vest, and T-shirt are all made from lovely organic cotton.  Underwear is the closest thing to your skin. As such, the quality of the mesh itself is crucial, says Peter Simonsson, creative director of The White Briefs.


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