The Swedish toy company Acne JR launches a line of five new iconic products. A soft toy puppy and apple, a tin drum, a wooden skull and a denim version of their classic teddy bear Chester. Traditional, toys in a modern design. Acne JR is also opening a webshop at the same time. Acne JR is part of the Acne Family company group, founded in 1996, which works within design, media and fashion.

Äpple – A big soft toy apple with detachable worm.

A red big soft toy apple

Bell – A soft toy puppy in red denim with a bell around her neck.

Soft toy puppy with a bell around her neck

Trumma – A tin can drum in three different colours with a pair of bamboo drumsticks. After playing, take the lid off and store stuff inside.

A tin can drum in three different colours with a pair of bamboo drumsticks

Chester – A classic teddy bear with address label. Denim edition. Chester was first released in 2008.

A light brown leather toy from Acne JR

Chester Denim  The Swedish teddy bear, now in a fashionable cuddly denim edition

A nametag on the backside of the toys

Kranium – A wooden skull with secret compartment. For keeping memories.

Wooden skull with secret compartment.

Hobby -Handmade bamboo dolls with burned details.

Bamboo dolls with burned details

Ballong – Screen printed in five different colours. Secret gift included.

Art print posters