A red observation tower stands out as a landmark

Swedish architects Tham & Videgård has just been reported as winners in a competition for a new landmark and observation tower for the new urban development Barkarbystaden, west of Stockholm.

Detail of the stair in the observation tower

The tower is based on the principle of a double helix spiral, and stands out with a straight forward geometry, but also remains intriguing with the inherent complexity offerered by the two intertwined stairs. The double stairs allow for different groups to move independently up and down the tower.

A view from aboive showing the urban development area.

The tower is perceived as a graphic silhouette against the flat landscape and the sky. The two interlocking stairs are painted in two shades of red colour (Swedish faluröd).

The tower is a graphic silhouette in the night.

A model of the tower made by architects Tham and Videgård