With a childlike curiosity Isabel Berglund’s artwork leads the viewers into small colourful universes, where proportions are askew and the visual sense-experience is essential. By applying fictitious narratives in her work, the sculptures also suggests that underneath the pearly softness of the surface, more is at play. In fact looking at the pieces one gets a feeling that maybe someone just left them – as if a girl was just playing, keeping spiders rather than bonbons in her pockets…

Isabel Berglund artwork reminds of a girl playing, instead of bonbons she keeps spiders in her pockets

Trained as a knitwear designer, a fascination with proportions and constructions resonates through out Isabel Berglund’s artwork. Her sculptures and mobile-installations stage spaces within spaces, echoing with a fascination of surrealism, childhood and the clash and contrasts of textures. She creates new structures of discarded urban relics, capturing them in a state of suspense between the autonomy of each object and their joint material disintegration. Gravity forcing layered bundles and thick knitted shapes towards the ground, being held up only by feeble strings. The disproportions are wicked and inspiring at the same time.

Now her work is on display May 19 to June 19 in the show “She keeps spiders in her pockets” at bn24 art gallery in Hamburg.

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