“O” is a watch designed by Tokujin Yoshioka for Issey Miyake, developed by Seiko Instruments Inc. “O” has a meaning as “water” in French language, eau.

A watch by Tokujin Yoshioka that reminds of water

“O” is designed, aiming to go back to the origin of the watch. It is as if sculpted from water, and creates the scenery which only the time itself embraces the wrist of the wearer.

The watch looks like the shape of water

The smooth curvature of the transparent bangle leads our eyes to the mirror finish body, which reflects the scenes of the surroundings, and gradually blends into the environment as if disappearing the form of itself.

Transparent time from the O watch

Using the transparent  special plastic material, “O” opens up a new direction in watch design with non-definitive form like water, which is as if freed from the concept of the materialism.

A close up of the design with a shape almost like water