The interior of Tureberg church with recycled materials

The new Tureberg Church is situated in Sollentuna just outside Stockholm. Architect Helena Tallius Myhrman from Tallius Myhrman Architects wanted to do the Tureberg Church bold yet timeless. It’s a modern concrete church with sustainability in mind.

The altar made of scrap wood

Most of the equipment in the round church is made of recycled materials. To the altar, baptismal font and the organ kabinett the artist Finn Ahlgren of Godspeed used recycled wood. The altar and processional crosses are made ​​from recycled glass from scrapped televisions and monitors. The chasubles with its symbolic applications is made of durable linen made by the sewing circle of the local community.

The baptismal font made of recycled material

The church wanted to order something that reminded of man’s faulty and incomplete, and that it is ok and something that can be highlighted and presented to and nothing to be ashamed of.
It brought the ideas to me on the broken and the ugly in design. How it is always sidestepped, and the enormous opportunities available to explore in an era when we want everything new, says artist Finn Ahlgren.

Shelves in metal for candles

Tureberg church from outside with a clear view of the concrete

I cross by nails in the wood

The chairs by Alexander Lervik for Johanson design have seats made of recycled PET bottles.

A view from the back of the interior in the church

Scrap wood made up the organ cabinet.

A view from above in Tureberg Church

Photography by Mikael Kiesbye.



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