Here are some images of the sensious exhibition “TWILIGHT” by Tokujin Yoshioka held at Moroso showroom during Milano Salone last week. Thoughts by Tokujin are inserted between the images.

The twilight installation in the Moroso showroom.

Nature is beautiful, yet the unimaginable energy inheres behind its beauty. Its beauty uplifts our emotion, and resonant in our heart, yet sometimes shows its threatening expression.

The air was full of a light fog, reminding us about nature.

We have witnessed nature’s threats with our own eyes, and we have been reminded by the the importance of living with nature.

The new armchairs by Tokujin Yoshioka in the Twilight exhibition in the Moroso showroom.

I would like to think deeply about the nature and continue persuing the creation that seeks and express its elements of the beauty.

Designer Tokujin Yoshioka standing in the Twilight exhibition.

The space would remind people of the natural phenomenon, known as the angel’s ladder, and will bring visitors the celestial experience as if embraced by the natural world.

The exhibition by Tokujin Yoshioka reminded the audience of natural phenomenon.

I hope the light of “TWILIGHT” will glow within people’s heart all over the world.

The entrance to the Twilight exhibition


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