The front page of the trend report called Design + Culture - a return to Fundamentalism?

If you have note yet been reading our latest in-depth trend report called Design + Culture: A Return to Fundamentalism? here’s a short sum-up of the content:

If we lose our sense of Culture, we will have lost our state of collective consciousness and expression. Even if nation-hood is no longer as relevant as it once was, a loss of Culture is absence of identity, ritual and memory.

“Fundamentalism is a reaction to this threat of Cultural suicide. Re: Icelandic Design.”

Reconsideration of the value of  Culture today?

When traditional (classical) Cultural references have lost their currency to powerful sub-cultural niches. The fusion of design and culture has ‘confused’ the issue, so we need to return to re-value design as part of Culture, and not use it as the flag of Culture.

“Culture reconnects us to our emotion, narrative, and our own Dreamtime.”

Designer’s need to better understand the role of Culture. Culture relates users, useage, interaction and behaviour to the Designed world.

“Culture is the context within which the nutrients of creativity can flourish.”

Like nature, diversity is the dna of our future. If we reduce differences and diversity, we are all as one, and less rich. Who
wants to eat the same meal all the time?

“Cultural diversity is the tasting menu for the mind, soul, and body.”

Here’s the link to the trend report: Design + Culture: A Return to Fundamentalism?

You can see a few of the spreads below.

One spread from the Design + Culture trend report

To see the real value of culture as designing through the lens of humanity, to create memorable experiences.

Examples of Icelandic design with a cultural perspective


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