On occasion of the 50th Salone del Mobile of Milan, the exhibition for Kartell‘s project “Kartell♥Milano” will be held at the Kartell Flagshipstore. “Kartell♥Milano” is a charity project tributed to the city of Milan, which saw the company’s beginning and its successes right from its earliest stages in the 1950s.

Through the involvement of personalities who are symbols of the city – whether they were born in the city or not,
but who have become part of it through their intense personal or professional relationship with Milan – and coming from the most diverse creative fields from fashion to design, from art to photography, from literature to entertainment or from music to cuisine, and under the theme of “act of love ” towards the city, Kartell will create a new and original collection of its icons revisited and re-interpreted …”Milanesified”!

Designers choose one of its brand icons and to re-invent the product and transform it with the special theme of  love for the city. Tokujin Yoshioka will be presenting  “MI-AMI”, the re-invented piece of the Kartell icon product “AMI AMI”, which was first presented in 2008. “MI-AMI” is finished up with mirror evaporation. With the concept inspired by famous quote of Plato (427-347B.C.), “At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet,” “MI-AMI” brings brilliant sparkles to the city of Milan.

Later on Kartell will organise a charity auction and the proceeds from the sale of these unique pieces will be
entirely devolved upon the Fondazione Umberto Veronesi. And that is not all: for a year, anyone who makes
purchases at our Milan flagstore will see a percentage of the purchase slip devolved by Kartell upon the
Milanese foundation devoted to the progress of science.