Interior decoration moves outside – the season is here for creating outdoor rooms in gardens and on balconies.

Example of interior decoration that moves outside

The Swedes’ passion for interior design and home decoration continues, and now it moves outside into the gardens and balconies. When furnishing our outdoor rooms, environmental concern and sustainability is the prevailing theme. We take better care of outdoor furniture so they can last longer, and we choose eco-friendly products when doing so.

Outdoor living

“Today, you can find eco-labeled products for almost all painting needs. You may oil your patio, paint your outdoor furniture or even the fence using a solvent free product,” says Maria Midby Arén at Alcro.

Stylist Tina Hellberg has used Alcro products for the outdoor rooms shown in the pictures.
“You can create a wonderful outdoor room using paint and purpose-made textiles. But we just don’t want to make it into a show – which goes for interior design in general – but cozy places where we want to sit long hours, eat and socialize,’’ says Tina Hellberg.