What will client meetings of the future look like? How do you build a space for committed and personal meetings? BVD Design & Branding created a multifunctional space in Skandiabanken’s new branch in central Stockholm where interactive technology encounters natural materials and creative design solutions. Skandia has created a new type of banking experience that is unique in the financial sector, inspired by retail rather than banking.

“The basic elements are inspiration from nature, innovation and Swedish design. We were given a great amount of freedom in this assignment, and Skandia were keen to innovate and dared to invest in our ideas. Skandiabanken wants to be a modern and personal alternative within the world of finance and these premises exude this,” says Catrin Vagnemark, Creative Director, BVD.

The branch is multifunctional and can be used for different types of meetings. For example, on the first floor there is a room for workshops for creative sessions and a water dispenser when a break in work is needed. The light and airy premises can be transformed easily and simply into a lecture hall. And even the small details have been considered. There is a “mini meeting place” where children can have fun while their parents are helped by Skandia’s advisers.

“We want to be innovators and want our clients to experience this at all levels in their encounters with us. Our starting point is for our client meetings to be simple and entertaining in everything from choice of technology, advice areas and interaction between the customers and staff. Everything is aimed at creating the right experience for the client,” says Johan Hopstadius, creative director, Skandia.

In the old days the bank was all about the power of money and the interiors reflected that. Expensive materials such as marble and oak wood were used and the bank clerks were located behind glass. It was not an accessible place. In today’s world of consumer power, financial turmoil and demand for transparency even banks must be open and accessible. In this assignment we worked with the idea of Skandia as the enabler; a brand/company/meeting place that can make people’s dreams and ideas come through. The inspiration for the concept was a green house, a place where plants grow and are nurtured.

The result is an attractive, relaxed environment that, with the help of contemporary Scandinavian design, totally redefines client meetings within the financial sector.  Skandiabanken’s new premises are situated at Kungsgatan 28 in Stockholm.

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