Pure Black knife series is designed by Stebastian Holmbäck and Ulrik Nordentoft of HolmbäckNordentoft for Danish producer Stelton.

We set ourselves the challenge of interpreting the most basic of human tools – and how can you make something entirely different from an already pretty well proven concept?

So the approach was as simple as; what would WE like to have and use when cooking (which my partner Ulrik and I both enjoy) and thus we ended up with this very masculine black look with an extremely simple and subtle design.

Later on in the process I realized, thinking about the sustainability issue, that the black coating over time would wear off. And probably will do so in the same way that it does on old Nikon and Leica cameras, which definitely doesn’t make them less beautiful in my view. Revealing the steel and bear witness of the use it has been through over the years.

And that again got me thinking about how that really is a forgotten value in product design – to design objects that will get more and more beautiful the more they are used. I mean; although I really love all my Apple products, they don’t exactly get prettier over time….

Definitely an approach that we will continue with in the studio. – Sebastian Holmbäck

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