The Israelis designers, Sharon Shalita a textile and print designer and Maytal Barokas a textile and weave designer have created a series of hand-printed and hand-woven textiles. The series is inspired by the “toile de Jouy” designs from the 18th century, France, and offers a contemporary interpretation to it.

The images are developed from pastoral compositions of plants and birds originated from engraving work, printed with silkscreen using blue ink. The fabrics were woven by hand, combining luxury metal (silver and gold thread) and textile yarns (linen, cotton, silk). The combination of softness, roughness and pliability provided the fabrics with an innovative quality adding a possibility of an expressly three-dimensional surface.

The unique encounter between technique, materials and imagery in different proportions in every fabric in the series, creates harmonic visual and tactile story, integrating the rhythm of the woven surfaces with the graphic quality of the printed images.

The textiles connect to contemporary design trends as inspiration from earth, craft and the appeal to authenticity.

Usually I find my inspiration in nature and traditional textiles. In my work I am beginning with creating images and patterns, then my challenge is finding the right balance between the image, the colors and the materials. In addition I am fascinated with the integration of patterns in the space. – Sharon Shalita


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