The other day we wrote about Swedish architect and designer Jonas Wagell and his research around cutlery. Now we would like to tell about his ‘Industry’ pendant light which is a large but light-weight, collapsible lamp. The structure consists of a knock-down  aluminium frame with an attached nylon diffusor, similar to a photo studio soft box. With a simple operation the structure is cladded – or basically dressed – with an upholstered fabric shade, that not only reflects light but also has sound absorbing properties.

The ‘Industry’ lamp provides a very soft and generous light and is typically equipped with a standard 18 Watts low-energy light bulb.
Despite the large width of 80 centimeters across, the lamp weighs in at just about three kilograms. Furthermore, the simple and clever construction allows for flat-packing and vouches for cost-efficient and sustainable shipping.