Elian designs and builds bikes for people who appreciate craftsmanship. Classic bikes with a modern influence. Not because the market wants it, but out of a personal need for stylish and sporty transportation in the city.

It all started with the Elian 01-Cargo, a lightweight carrier cycle which, thanks to a steel frame structure of CroMo, is very strong. This concept is also extended to the second model, the 01-commuter, a sportive city bike, which uses the same structure at the rear. Smart re-use is a characteristic of the approach of Elian, where creativity and functionality are more important that innovation. Each bicycle gets its own number and is assembled to ones desire. The starting point is always that they would love to ride on the bikes themselves.

To test out the bikes, you need only go to the website to make an appointment and in the near future bikes will be available through local shops in various cities. Through the production of their own frames in their workshop and direct contact with the end-user, one can expect high quality within a reasonable budget. The goal is a sustainable alternative to the current mass production and disposable bike culture.

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